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Everybody should afford to live in an environment conducive to happiness and comfort, but often, just throwing money at problems doesn't lead to the desired effect, especially, in a world of overpriced, conflicting advice, cowboy installers and zero warranty for works. Watch this space, aimed at self-help and advise, to find useful tricks, tips and answers to the questions you might face when trying to satisfy your needs to stay warm, have a shower, wash up clothes, dry your clothes, discharge waste water, cook, ventilate, live.

Cost and CO2 emissions of using electricity or gas compared. Feel free to fill in parameters such as how many people live in your home, how much water you save or waste relative to an average user, prices of energies you pay, etc.

HW cost1
Cold water temperature
Hot water temperature
Water specific heat KJ/kg.K Water density
Standing charge of gas meter
Price of natural gas
Standing charge of el. meter
Price of electricity
Number of persons living in a property
Savings / wastage coefficient
Q - daily consumption of HW in a property (1)
Energy needed to heat up water
Energy needed  to heat up water
Typical combi boiler - HW mode (2)
HW storage tank and old system boiler (3)
Instantanious water heater / el. shower (4)
Typical HW storage tank (5)
consumption, cost / day
consumption, cost / year
CO2 produced /year Kg (6)
(1) Q = 40 + 28 N, Measurement of Domestic Hot Water Consumption in Dwellings, energy saving trust
(2) efficiency 85%, 15% losses in the pipework
(3) efficiency 55%, 20% losses in the pipework
(4) efficiency 100%, 0% losses in the pipework
(5) efficiency 100%, 20% losses in the pipework
(6) natural gas - 203g/kWh, el. - 527g/kWh, at the point of consuption, DEFRA


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